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Founder of Zimana, a consultancy providing strategic analysis to small and medium sized businesses that rely on web analytics data. A Gary, Indiana native, Pierre is currently based in Brooklyn. He blogs about marketing, finance, social media, and analytics at Zimana blog.


  • Learn How To Acquire New Businesses: Review of Successful Acquisitions

    Features, September 03, 2013

    Business acquisitions are announced in the Wall Street Journal almost everyday and are glamourized in movies such as Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street.” But most small business are not public. So most owners only have imagined what an acquisition process entails — or they just have cliched Gordon Gekko quotes to go on.

  • Project Management For Profit

    Features, September 14, 2012

    The book "Project Management For Profit: A Failsafe Guide to Keeping Projects On Track and On Budget" is making a timely appearance in business culture today. Moreover, authors Joe Knight, Roger Thomas, and Brad Angus know it, as they note that the future has arrived and why projects are the result.

  • Learn the Shortcut to Better Team Communication

    Features, November 06, 2011

    Life’s first moments leave indelible marks on the memory. So it makes sense that with increasing numbers of people starting businesses, many would recall business milestones such as their first partnerships. And it makes sense that someone would develop a book focused on a specific first step in starting a business: working with someone new for the first time.