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Marc Figueroa is Vice President of Brand Communications for Vistage International, a CEO membership organization that serves more than 15,000 business owners and executive leaders around the world. Marc has enjoyed a 20-year career in communications, consulting for such clients as Hyatt Hotels, DirecTV, Jani-King and UPS. His work also has appeared in a variety of publications, including Success Magazine, the Orange County Register and Las Vegas Review-Journal. Prior to joining Vistage, Marc served as Director of Marketing Communications for Robbins Research International.


  • Tips On How To Lead in Uncertain Times

    Features, October 03, 2011

    Today’s business owners and CEOs are constantly being tested. Faced with volatile markets, shifting customer demands and economic uncertainty, the only thing most business leaders are certain of is that there’s more change ahead. So how do you continue driving your business forward?