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Lisa Barone is Co-Founder and Chief Branding Officer of Outspoken Media, Inc. Lisa has been involved in the SEO community since 2006 and is widely known for her honest industry observations, her inability to not say exactly what she’s thinking, and her excessive on-the-clock twittering at @lisabarone.


  • How to Use Google+ Hangouts For Business

    Features, October 08, 2012

    When Google+ launched last summer one of its most interesting features was Google+ Hangouts, especially if you were a business owner. By utilizing Google+ Hangouts SMBs could stream live broadcasts directly from their Web site, YouTube channel or Google+ profile with just a few clicks and no additional software. But now that a year has gone by, how have businesses used these Hangouts? How can we alluse them to increase engagement with our customers and to build our brands?

  • Why Online Reputation Matters to Small Business

    Features, January 29, 2012

    You’re a small business owner. Most of your customers are the people who live within 25 miles of your storefront. Why does it even matter what the Internet has to say about your brand? That has no impact on your bottom line. Right? No. Dangerously wrong.

  • The 10 Brand Questions Every SMB Must Answer

    Features, November 28, 2011

    As a small business owner, you live and die by your brand. As we wind down 2011, dedicate some thought to thinking about your place in the market and how you can strengthen it in 2012. With that in mind, We look at 10 questions intended to help you take a more strategic look at your brand to identify what’s working and where you may want to improve.

  • 3 Ways to Get More From Running Holiday Deals

    Features, November 16, 2011

    Nielsen helps confirm what most of us already knew: The No. 1 reason for following or liking a brand on social networking sites is to receive discounts and special offers. As a small business owner, there are a number of ways for you to cash in capitalize on this growing marketing trend, while also increasing your social media influence. Lisa Barone shares three ways you can take advantage of online deals during this holiday season.

  • 6 Ways Your Small Business Can Steal Customers From Big Brands

    Features, November 02, 2011

    It’s easy to psych yourself out as a small business owner. You see the campaigns your bigger competitors are running and you’re intimidated. You know that you don’t have the same marketing budget or the same reach, and it’s harder for you to get out there while still focusing on your business. But all of that is OK, because as a small business owner, you have a lot going for you that the big dogs can’t compete with. You have the ability to steal customers away simply by focusing on the many strengths that come with being small.