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Deborah Shane is an author, speaker, media host, business and career brand/branding consultant. Deborah hosts her blog, Deborah Shane Toolbox, and weekly business radio show, Deborah Shane Metropolis. She writes for several national business, career, branding, business and marketing sites. Her new book, "Career Transition: Make the Shift is available through all major book sellers.


  • 4 R’s Boost Engagement: Respect, Respond, Relate, Recognize

    Features, May 10, 2013

    So much of our success in business and life depends on our ability to be a “people person” and our likeability factor. We spend a great deal of time interacting and dealing with people in person and equally online now. Not everyone is a people person, or cut out to be a social butterfly. But it is an important skill that impacts our success.

  • LinkedIn: The Professional Playground For Professional Connections

    Features, September 04, 2012

    There are so many tangible examples of how online networking, especially LinkedIn can, has and does open doors and connections, not only for me but many others I know who are using it with very good results. Very good results come from not only understanding how it works technically, but why it works. LinkedIn is a professional platform — not a social platform. That’s important to know so you use it right and get the best results.

  • 7 Ways to Foster Loyalty in the Consumer

    Features, August 17, 2012

    Building relationships takes time but growing and maintaining them long term takes perseverance, energy and purpose. We live in seriously disposable times. People outgrow their use for things and each other, sadly rather quickly. So how do you build a long term following, loyalty, and community? How do you win in the minds of the consumer?

  • 6 Benchmarks That Gauge Success

    Features, December 13, 2011

    How do you measure and gauge your success today? The question and answer of how we gauge our success has dramatically changed for most of us in the past few years, as we have seen our circumstances and assets change. So what are the benchmarks today that gauge success?