Valdosta Fire Department adds Mobile Medic Unit to Georgia Search and Rescue Task Force 2 Fleet

Monday, September 13th, 2021

The Valdosta Fire Department has a new vehicle ready to hit the road – the Mobile Medic Unit.

The Kubota UTV was purchased several years ago but a Medical Box Slide-In was recently added to it using state Georgia Search and Rescue Grant funding. The new slide-in allows firefighters to load a patient in the vehicle and have an attending medic ride with the patient.

“This will allow us to transport a patient from a remote location to an area awaiting EMS services. This will be useful in a situation where an EMS Unit can’t reach them or it is difficult terrain to cross on GSAR deployments,” said Robert Mercer, Special Operations Captain.

In addition to GSAR deployments, VFD also recently starting utilizing the UTV for large special events such as Food Truck Thursday, 5Ks, and Festivals in Downtown Valdosta and other areas of the city. Captain Mercer says the department’s goal in doing this is to add medically trained personal and medical equipment on hand as a quick response to any medical emergencies that could occur during the event.

 “This is another way that we can increase our level of service to those that we may respond to. It can be used locally, here in town or as part of the GSAR Task Force 2 which covers Southwest Georgia or anywhere else we are deployed to,” said Mercer.

The Valdosta Fire Department is considered an all-hazards department and is responsible for providing Fire, Rescue, EMS and Haz-Mat services. The GSAR Task Force 2 Team is made up of members from departments across the Southwest region and is managed by the Valdosta Fire Department. It is one of only eight Search and Rescue teams in the state of Georgia. For more information on the GSAR team or the Mobile Medic Unit please call the Valdosta Fire Department at 229-333-1836.