Wiregrass’ Computer Information Science Programs Ranked #4 in the State

Staff Report From Valdosta CEO

Wednesday, September 11th, 2019

According to the ComputerTrainingSchools.com study website, the Computer Information Science (CIS) programs at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College have been ranked as number four in the state of Georgia. This ranking is among all colleges, universities and technical colleges.  The ranking was based on the students’ graduation and retention rates, related subjects and number of relevant programs offered.

Dr. Tina K. Anderson, Wiregrass Tech President, shared, “The Computer Information Science world is one you don’t hear much from until something goes wrong.  There is not an industry or business around that doesn’t rely on some type of computer support to keep business functioning as it should.  I’m proud to know that Wiregrass is one of the top colleges in the state producing graduates from a top-ranked program.”

Recently, an Educational Advisory Board (EAB) article titled, “How colleges are training students for in-demand cybersecurity jobs,” stated that more than 280,000 cybersecurity jobs went unfilled between September 2016 and September 2017. Experts predict the field’s talent shortage will reach 1.8 million workers by 2022!
The CIS programs have a job placement rate of 100% with graduates working in many area businesses and industries. Wiregrass offers a large variety of programs in the field including: Computer Programming, Computer Support Specialist, Gaming Development, Digital Media Technology, Help Desk Specialist, Cybersecurity, Networking Specialist, PC Repair and Network Technician, Video Specialist, Graphic Design Assistant, Website Design, Graphic Design and Prepress Technician, Web Application Developer, and Web and Mobile Application Development.   Many of these are offered as technical certificates of credit, diploma, and degree-level programs.  Many of the certificates and diplomas listed qualify for the HOPE Career Grant.  If students enrolled in a HOPE Career Grant program qualify for the HOPE and/or Zell Miller Grant, they could be eligible for additional monies that could pay for their college, books, and fees.