Georgia Business Leaders' goBeyondProfit Initiative Reaches 200-Pledge Milestone

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

goBeyondProfit, a first-of-its-kind, business leader initiative to encourage companies to pledge to give back, announced it has reached a key milestone of more than 200 companies pledging to contribute corporate resources to meet community needs.

After launching in December 2017, more than 200 companies across the state – ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to small, family owned businesses – have pledged to participate in this important effort in their cities and towns, inspiring others to follow suit. More companies pledge every day.

goBeyondProfit is a unique concept inviting every business across Georgia to join. It doesn't ask pledge takers to divert time or money back to the initiative.  Instead, goBeyondProfit provides a platform to align with other companies across the state to learn from one another and to shine a light on Georgia companies that invest time and corporate resources into the community and find their business strengthened by the endeavor.

goBeyondProfit celebrates corporate generosity of all kinds and shares the stories of companies who meet community needs ranging from medical care to legal assistance, educational programs, workplace development skills and environmental efforts, mentoring, disaster relief and more.

"My experience at The Home Depot proved to me that giving-back will benefit your business," said Bernie Marcus, founder of The Home Depot, chairman, of the Marcus Foundation and ambassador for goBeyondProfit. "As a fledgling company with all the worries and concerns about making a business work, we began a practice of giving-back that I believe was a corner-stone for our success. That's why I agreed to help launch goBeyondProfit."

It's not too late to join this impressive list of companies of all sizes.  Among the more than 200 pledge members joining this growing list at are Fortune 500 companies, others are small to mid-sized businesses and many are sole proprietors.  While their business models and challenges vary, they are aligned in their pledge to positively impact society.

"We want business leaders across the state to know that if they are giving back in some way, they are in good company," said Richard L. Jackson, Chairman and CEO of Jackson Healthcare and Co-Founder, goBeyondProfit.  "It's never too late to join a growing group of civic-minded business leaders who share a common belief that giving back is good for business and good for Georgia."

Founded by Jackson Healthcare and launched by like-minded business leaders, business leaders wishing to join may learn more and pledge at