EDTS Cyber and Cape Augusta Form Secure IOT, Providing Reliable Security for the Consumer Market

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Thursday, August 10th, 2017

Augusta, GA based cyber security company, EDTS Cyber, LLC, www.EDTScyber.com and technology sector investment group, Cape Augusta, LLC announce the formation of a joint venture company, Secure IOT, LLC, which will focus on providing reliable security solutions for the consumer market.
New internet connected devices for the home are being introduced on a daily basis. This new revolution is deemed “Internet of Things” or IOT. These IOT devices are typically easy to set up, easy to use and unfortunately easy to hack.  Refrigerators, home automations systems, video streaming devices, video games, and thermostats are just a few examples. These devices are being introduced into homes and businesses, and in most cases in an unsecure manner. This leaves the home and office open to vulnerabilities and an enormous set of potential attack vectors for a hacker.
Every week there are new reports of a company’s data being stolen or being held ransom by an outside entity.  However, there are very few reports about the millions of consumers that fall victim to attacks and lose data from within their own homes. Home computers and devices hold valuable information such as tax returns, banking information, family photos, and personal details. Hackers and thieves are targeting these systems for financial gain. They are also using those compromised systems to attack other systems (home, business and federal systems).
The cyber security industry is booming, however most companies are concentrated on protecting government systems and private companies. Home users are typically left with basic protection in the form of anti-virus software limited to the home computer and not connected to the other ancillary devices on their network.  Advanced cyber security tools have typically been too expensive and complicated for the average home user.  Secure IOT is dedicated to solving that problem.
Charles Johnson, CEO of EDTS Cyber and founding partner of Secure IOT, states that “For 18 years EDTS and EDTS Cyber have been dedicated to securing corporate and government systems. As Americans and professionals, we take pride in helping protect our clients. Even though this new venture is aimed at the home sector, I feel it’s helping our national security stance. These systems when compromised are being used to attack U.S. systems and infrastructures and this has to stop.”
“Leveraging the world class systems developed by EDTS Cyber to secure large scale corporate networks, Secure IOT is able to provide a robust solution for home computers,” says James Ainslie, CEO and President of Cape Augusta and founding partner of Secure IOT. “As our consumer marketplace becomes more dependent on a multiplicity of connected devices to manage their homes and lives, they trust their IOT vendors with the virtual keys to their homes. This is an offering that provides control and peace of mind to home users, backed up by a trusted brand in service delivery.”
Secure IOT will be offering exceptional security for a low monthly / yearly subscription.
Cape Augusta continually seeks out and evaluates new and emerging technologies and opportunities that could disrupt the technology industry and make a difference for humanity.  Cape Augusta’s new training partnership with UMBC is providing cyber training opportunities to exiting veterans, wounded warriors, and motivated individuals from low income neighborhoods.  Secure IOT will employ these graduates to provide customer and technology solutions to the home sector.  As Secure IOT’s services are deployed nationwide, our workforce will grow, with 50-75 new jobs anticipated by 2021.
“Securing the Internet of Things is a huge mission that must be tackled immediately,” says Johnson. “Cape Augusta and EDTS Cyber are actively working with various Internet Service Providers, Technology Inventors, and Industry Experts to develop a solution that can protect new and future IOT technology.”
Secure IOT, LLC is finalizing results with test groups that will help refine the company’s customer portals, website, and collateral.  Full scale operation is slated for January 2018.  Secure IOT, LLC is located at the Augusta Cyberworks Campus at Sibley Mill.