GDOT Awards the Reconstruction of Two Lowndes I-75 Interchanges at a Cost of $48.4M

Staff Report From Valdosta CEO

Monday, July 17th, 2017

The Georgia Department of Transportation has awarded the reconstruction of two Lowndes County Interstate 75 interchanges at a cost of $48.4 million with a completion date of April 30, 2020.

Reames and Son Construction Co. Inc. of Valdosta was the lowest qualified bidder on the project that will improve the interchanges of Exits 22 and 29. No construction start date has been determined. The overpasses will not close and construction will be staged to avoid long-term detours.

Exit 22 is U.S. 41/SR 7/North Valdosta Road/Shiloh Road near Valdosta and Exit 29 is SR 122/Main Street at Hahira. The project was advertised for bid in May and the contract was awarded June 30.
The project will improve traffic flow and capacity and improve visibility for drivers exiting the ramps. The bridges were built in 1960 and the design is outdated for current and projected traffic. Bridges will be widened to four lanes with turn lanes, paved shoulders and concrete medians. I-75 northbound ramps at Exit 22 will be reconstructed as a conventional diamond design. Southbound ramps will remain as is. At Exit 29, all ramps will be a conventional diamond design. 

Reconstruction of most I-75 interchanges in southwest Georgia is in the Georgia DOT work program. The next two interchanges slated for reconstruction are Exits 2 and 11. The Department is proposing to advertise the project for bid in 2019.

The Exit 22 and 29 project was the largest single monetary contract awarded in June, but it was not the only one that will benefit southwest Georgia. Four other projects will make travel on local and state routes safer. These projects represent an additional $5 million investment in southwest Georgia. They are:

  • Installation of train-activated warning devices (bells, flashing lights and gates) on MLK Jr. Drive at the CSX crossing in Quitman, Brooks County.

  • Off-system sign and pavement marking upgrades at 19 locations in Colquitt County and 17 locations in Dougherty County.

  • Traffic signal upgrades at nine locations on SR 520 BU/SR 3 BU/West Oglethorpe Boulevard and nine locations on SR 133/SR 91/South Jefferson Street in Albany, Dougherty County.

  • Off-system sign and pavement marking upgrades at 28 locations in Lowndes County.