YEA! Students Back To Business

Staff Report From Valdosta CEO

Monday, January 14th, 2019

Classes for the Valdosta Chamber’s Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) are back underway as of January 8, 2019, as the class continues its weekly meetings scheduled for three hours after school, where they learn how to properly pitch their business ideas and launch a real business or social movement.
During the winter break, many students chose to prioritize their time and work on completing their business plans as true entrepreneurs.
“While you may have increased flexibility regarding time as an entrepreneur, it is equally important to not let time get away by not capitalizing on opportunities to execute on your business ideas and plans. There is no holiday for execution as an entrepreneur,” commented H. DeWayne Johnson, YEA! Program Director.
Emma Micklon, who is a Pine Grove Middle School 7th grader and YEA! student, took heed to those words and chose to meet personally with YEA Program Manager and Instructor, Amanda Johnson, on the morning of Christmas Eve. During the meeting, Johnson and Micklon made progress on her business plan for her Pet Lap Pad idea.
When asked of her opinion on the meeting, Emma replied, “It was a big help for Mrs. Amanda to help me understand the business plan. She helped me with the questions that I wouldn't have understood by myself.”
YEA! also includes access to valuable experts like attorneys, accountants, business mentors and graphic designers; plus, an audience with investors for earning start-up funds.  Students will also have the opportunity to win college scholarships.
Emma’s mother, Adrea Micklon, who is a local educator at SL Mason Elementary School, expressed her impression of the program’s assets.
“I am amazed at the detail included in the guidebook. It really does walk you through each step of the way to creating your own business! I am also very grateful that (the Program Managers) take the time outside of the scheduled program to help these students achieve success.” said Micklon.