PrimeTime Expo Provides Businesses With Networking Opportunities

Staff Report From Valdosta CEO

Friday, September 28th, 2018

Even with the growth of social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, face-to-face interaction is still the best way for business professionals to connect with potential customers. The Valdosta-Lowndes County Chamber of Commerce is providing the chance for small to large businesses to network during its annual PrimeTime Business Expo from 5-7 p.m., Thursday, Oct 4, at the Rainwater Conference Center in Valdosta. The event is open to the public, and there is no charge for admission.

With corporate sponsorship provided by Mediacom Business and FilmStory, the expo will include more than 100 vendors representing a variety of local businesses and organizations.

 “The expo represents the largest networking event in the area,” said Jeanette Stensgaard, membership director at the Chamber. “Making positive connections and developing new partnerships is an important part of growing a business. The expo allows business people to promote their products and services. It is also a great way to support our local businesses.”

With something for everyone, Stensgaard said this year’s expo will feature a Children’s Business Fair sponsored by Cook’s Pest Control

“The Children’s Business Fair provides our community’s youngest entrepreneurs with a chance to showcase their businesses,” Stensgaard said. “It is an important part of the Chamber’s mission to foster entrepreneurship.”

Stensgaard said many of the vendors look forward to the expo all year and consider it a vital part of their overall marketing efforts.

“We have vendors who have been participating in the expo since it started,” she said. “They put a lot of effort in creating a booth that is both informative and engaging with the visitors.”

From small local businesses to larger companies, the expo features a range of products and services available in the region.

Pete Layne, store manager with the Home Depot in Valdosta, said he considers the expo an important networking event.

“The expo perfectly highlights our Chamber’s mission,” Layne said. “This mission, in part, is to build, connect, and promote. I think the expo achieves these goals at the highest level. The Home Depot is proud to be an active member of the Chamber, and we are looking forward to connecting with other participants at this year’s expo.”