VFD Partners with the University of Houston in Research Study to Understand Health and Wellness of Firefighters

Staff Report From Valdosta CEO

Tuesday, July 31st, 2018

The Valdosta Fire Department and the University of Houston have partnered to create a survey for firefighters and EMS personnel as part of a new research initiative to better understand individuals in the fire service.

Fire and EMS personnel will submit their experiences and opinion in an anonymous survey that will be used for health-related services available at VFD. The survey will help advance the understanding of stress and health in firefighters/EMS Responses. After completion, the survey will be combined in summary form and used to improve services and support for firefighters and EMS providers, both locally and nationally.

Each survey will take Fire/EMS 30-45 minutes to complete. All of their information will be kept completely anonymous and confidential. The survey will contain questions about stress and stressful experiences, ways of coping and various health behaviors. The surveys are expected to be completed in three weeks.

“The end goal is to increase awareness of this important research for both physical and mental health of first responders,” said Brian Boutwell, Assistant Chief VFD.