Sisters, Brothers in Medicine Hold Workshop for Local Youth

Wednesday, September 20th, 2023

At PCOM South Georgia, Sisters in Medicine and Brothers in Medicine are now reaching out to help encourage the next generation to begin preparing now for careers in healthcare through a partnership with Junior Sisters & Brothers in Medicine.

The groups held their first joint event, a teen vital signs workshop, on PCOM South Georgia's campuson August 26, 2023. Junior Brothers and Sisters in Medicine is part of the organization Teens Have Visions 2. PCOM students taught workshop participants how to take vital signs, one of the basic skills for any health care provider. Student doctors also explained why taking vital signs is essential, the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and other topics.

“As a strong supporter of preventative medicine, I was driven to participate in this workshop event in order to share knowledge about the basic vitals that affect so many people,” said Britany Dyer (DO '26). “I loved the opportunity to teach young and interested youths about the importance and the meaning of blood pressure, heart rate, etc. This knowledge will not only allow them to practice good self-care techniques now, but also to impart it to family and friends so that they can improve their health.”

Members of Junior Sisters & Brothers in Medicine are from Colquitt, Brooks and Thomas counties. They range in age from 9 to 21.

“I participated in this event in hopes of allowing youth an opportunity to learn about the negative effects of certain health conditions while also seeing how specific medical techniques can be applied,” said “Tiffany Pittman (DO '26). “Oftentimes, without acquired knowledge, we are unaware of how our blood pressure or heart rate can play a role in our daily lives. However, it's important that we do. That way can start monitoring as early as possible in hopes of preventing/addressing health concerns that may occur in the future.”

PCOM South Georgia's Sisters in Medicine and Brothers in Medicine are planning additional events to continue their partnership with Junior Sisters & Brothers in Medicine.

For more information about the Junior club, contact Teens Have Visions 2 at [email protected].