23 Consulting, LLC Joins Hands with Samson Tours, Inc. and Dr. Damon Christian Kimes to Facilitate COVID-19 Mobile Testing across Georgia

Press release from the issuing company

Thursday, May 28th, 2020

23 Consulting, LLC is pleased to announce that the company will work in tandem with Samson Tours, Inc and Roswell Pain Surgical Center’s Dr. Damon Christian Kimes, offering COVID-19 mobile vehicle testing service all over Georgia. A full service consulting and legislative lobby firm, 23 Consulting oversees legislative work for various organizations. Samson Tours is a distinguished luxury bus charter service operating in the state for more than three decades. Dr. Damon Christian Kimes is a pain management specialist leading the team at Roswell Pain Surgical Center. He is popularly known on Bravo Television Network's reality television show Married To Medicine.

When a communicable disease outbreak begins, the ideal response is to ensure extensive testing as early as possible. That leads to quick identification of cases, quick treatment for those people and immediate isolation to prevent spread. The collaboration between 23 Consulting Samson Tours and Dr. Damon Christian Kimes looks to address this critical issue in Georgia.

“20-30 years from now we will be glad that during this pandemic, we took an active role,” said Dr. Kimes.

While testing potential COVID-19 infection, it is critical to prevent exposure to the public. Therefore, instead of individuals traveling to testing centers, it is much better to take the testing centers to them. Operation “Georgia: Know Your Status” will utilize the 64 bus fleet from Samson Tours as mobile testing centers to move testing staff and their equipment. The large interior space of the vehicles will provide ample work space to the staff and keep them comfortable. At the same time, this space will require no more than 10 minutes to be disinfected for the next job. As per the specific needs of any operation, the interior space of the coach can also be customized. The large luggage bays will be used for the storage of all types of equipment including generators, portable tents, etc.

“Our model of mobile testing the patient will be instrumental to getting Georgia open again. Unless we can get our food processors safely back to work, we risk a food shortage in a few months time that could cause riots in densely populated cities. It is imperative that we can ensure

a safe working environment for employees and customers,” said Samson Tours CEO John Sambdman.

The President and Chief Executive Officer of 23 Consulting, LLC, Bianca Thrasher-Starobin is a consultant and lobbyist with experience in financial markets, investment management, electoral and legislative political activities, relationship management, and business turnarounds. She has been named recently to the National Small Business Association (NSBA) Leadership Council.

“I am honored to be a part of the solution. The economy has to move forward and people have to feel safe. We encourage companies interested in keeping their employees safe to reach out to us at [email protected]. Please notify us of your interests in having Samson Tours, Inc. and Dr. Kimes set a date and time to visit with your group for testing. We are also working with government agencies. Let's get you on the calendar for a visit to your site,” Bianca mentioned.