Commander Outlines Priorities at First All Call

Tech. Sgt. Jessica H. Smith

Thursday, September 14th, 2023

Within two months of his arrival, Wing Commander, Col. Paul Sheets, hosted his first all call at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia, Sept 7, 2023.

During the all call, Sheets along with Chief Master Sgt. Justin Geers, 23rd Wing command chief expressed their gratitude for the history and success of the Flying Tigers while highlighting their priorities for the installation moving forward.

Sheets began the all call by acknowledging future challenges and the need for readiness at every level.

“We need to look toward the future and the importance of what the nation is going to ask us to do. We have some threats ... one represents the most consequential and systematic challenge to our interests and to the home – and that's very significant,” he said. “When I think about our priorities and the way forward for this win and this installation, I lay them out to make sure that every Airman, family, and civilian in this organization are ready to go for what the nation needs.”

Having served a cumulative seven years at Moody throughout other assignments here, provides Sheets a familiarization of the charge of the Flying Tigers and an awareness of the current mission needs, enabling him to precisley identify three priorities for his time in command – prepare the force, support the force and strengthen the family.

To prepare the force means to ensure the Wing continues to remain an agile, multi-capable force able to support Lead Wing efforts, Sheets explained, while supporting the force means establishing opportunities for Airmen to maintain readiness and resiliency, and empowering them with the skills needed to develop as future leaders.

Strengthening the family provides a foundation and further success of both of these priorities.

“It’s all about connections and climate,” Sheets said, “... to provide resources to you and your families allows you to face adversity, it allows you to accept a challenge, it allows you to overcome because you know you have the backing of those around you and the resources you need to be successful.”

The new wing commander hopes to execute the mission while minimizing bureaucracy.

“Minimizing bureaucracy so we can be as efficient as possible, gives time back to you,” Sheets said, “So you can focus on the real job of executing the mission and spending time with your family so you're ready for the next time.”

In alignment with his priorities, the commander expressed the need to continue the commitment to innovation that’s been seen at Moody for several years now by embracing a culture of change and adapting to the evolving threats and priorities.

The all call also gave Airmen an opportunity to voice concerns and have candid conversations with leadership about accountability, standards and expectations, giving both Sheets and Geers the opportunity to express the importance of ensuring everyone understands the importance of their role and what's expected of them.

By maintaining high standards and consistently striving to perform at their very best, Geers believes even the smallest of actions can contribute to overall mission readiness.

Reminding individuals to uphold the core values and standards encourages a culture of accountability and wingmanship, he explained.

Sheets followed up with parting words of gratitude and anticipation for the Flying Tigers and his future experience as the 23rd Wing commander.

“I want to say thank you all, I look forward to working with you all in the next couple of years and making sure we uphold the legacy ... attack, rescue, prevail.”