The City of Valdosta Recognizes Volunteer Group for City Renewal Project

Wednesday, August 9th, 2023

The City Renewal Project, inspired by the Southern Hospitality Work Camps of 2005-2017, is improving the community's living conditions by providing minor home repair projects.

"Our area clergy and congregations are doing what comes naturally to them, answering the call! Mission work in foreign countries is commendable, and God's work, but that same need exists in our backyard! The City of Valdosta can't thank you (pastors and volunteers) enough for the City Renewal effort," said Mayor Scott James Matheson.

The project is a volunteer-based and self-funded initiative. The City of Valdosta provided a service by identifying homes that needed minor repairs. Over 100 volunteers from four churches and Moody Air Force Base worked together to complete the project, with Scottie Williams, Associated Pastor of New Covenant Church in Valdosta, leading the volunteers.

The project covers 11 homes over two days from August 4-5th. Local pastors were invited to tour city housing projects during this year's Georgia Cities Week.

"Our heart and goal was to practically be the feet of Jesus in the heart of our community. Sometimes we can be overly focused on overseas and miss opportunities in our backyard," said the Associate Pastor of New Covenant Church in Valdosta.

The volunteers' projects included minor exterior repairs and handicap ramps.