Law Partners from the Studstill Firm Admitted to Practice Before U.S. Supreme Court

Staff Report From Valdosta CEO

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

Georgia attorneys and law partners Danny, Justin and Haynes Studstill were admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court Jan. 26.  The ceremony was held inside the nation’s highest courthouse building in Washington D.C., and was presided over by Chief Justice John Roberts, with Justices Thomas, Scalia, Ginsburg and Kagan in attendance.  

Following the ceremony, the trio of lawyers from the Studstill Firm, LLP were personally welcomed to the Supreme Court Bar by Justice Clarence Thomas, a native Georgian. Justice Thomas has been on the bench of the Supreme Court since 1991.

Admission to the United States Supreme Court has a number of prerequisites, including admission to the highest court in the attorney’s home state, sponsorship by two existing members of the U.S. Supreme Court Bar, and verification of good moral and professional character.  For attorney Justin Studstill, the significance of admission to the Court reflects the firm’s philosophy for handling cases.

“We make a commitment to each of our clients to take their case as far as necessary to obtain justice,” said Justin Studstill.  “If that means advocating our client’s position all the way up to the highest court in the land, we’re in a position to do so.”

For Haynes Studstill, a managing partner of the Studstill Firm, LLP in Valdosta, the event was symbolic of the time and effort she and her father-in-law and her husband have committed to representing clients over the years.

“It was quite an experience to take an Oath before the Supreme Court Justices in the very place where our country’s most significant legal issues have been decided,” said Haynes Studstill.  “It reinforces just how important our work is on behalf of clients we represent.”

Partner Danny Studstill, who heads the firm’s Nashville office, says the opportunity to appear before the Nation’s Highest Court with his son and his daughter-in-law has been one of the highlights of his legal career.

“Practicing law with Justin and Haynes is an honor and a blessing,” said Danny Studstill.  “We share a very strong commitment to our clients and to maintaining integrity in the practice of law.  Taking the Oath of the U.S. Supreme Court reinforces these important ideals.”