Small Business Startup Remains a Challenge

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

Small business business startup is a huge challenge from getting that first great idea all the way through the process to creating an exciting new business with an incredible future. Here are some tips and some sources for you from your friends at Small Business Trends.

In the Beginning

Thinking about your next startup. Whether you’re looking for the next million dollar idea or just the best small business for you to start, here are four steps that may help you along your way. Coming up with a great small business idea is really about finding the right need to fill.

Is business startup an art or a science? Well, maybe it’s a bit of both. This article looks at two very different ideas about how businesses get started and which ideas usually take hold in the market. Which path do you usually follow when pursuing new ideas? Entrepreneur

Startup Resources

Signing up for Start-up America. If you’re planning to start a small business, the time to act is now. Through March 7, we’re offering the opportunity to join Startup America, an organization launched in 2011 to help young entrepreneurs succeed. Small Business Trends

Fueling Your Dream

Starting a low risk business today. If you think starting a business has to be risky business, you’re wrong. Here are some reasons you don’t need to be a risk taker to be an entrepreneur. Are you ready to start a small business but afraid of the risk? Read on. Smart Business Guides

Looking again at crowdfunding options. The opportunities are huge, as big as the crowd that loves your idea. We take another look here at a small business startup strategy whose time has come. In an economy strapped for cash including startup funding for small businesses, crowdsourcing clearly provides one answer. Bloggertone

Secrets to Success

Watching that first step toward entrepreneurship. It can be a scary thing. After years of working in the corporate world, the idea to strike out on your own as an entrepreneur can seem terrifying…and exhilarating. Now here is some important advice for anyone making the attempt. Watch that first step. It’s a doozy! Startup Professionals Musings

Taking the steps to greater success. So you’ve started your new business. Now what’s the nest step? It turns out there are several and here’s a look at how to implement them. Be sure your startup is around for the long haul with these simple tips that will help you succeed. Corporate Logos

Challenges & Opportunities

Expanding your business as a sole founder. Starting a business is hard, perhaps doubly hard for a sole founder. Being the only one in charge has it’s pros and cons. But understanding the benefits and the challenges is the first step to making your new company a success. Entrepreneurs Unpluggd

Keeping your startup alive. Once you’ve launched you dream venture, keeping it up and running can be a huge undertaking. Many things can threaten your new venture’s success. So what actions can you take to be sure of a bright future and good outcome? Entrepreneur Stories

Starting a business with love. The emotion of love may conjure up plenty of images, but the image of a confident entrepreneur at the helm of their own startup may not be one of them…until now, that is. Starting a small business is a major challenge. It helps to be motivated by a love of what you do. The Work at Home Woman

Courtesy: Small Biz Trends