Nexxtep Technology Services Helps Local Businesses Decipher Cloud Computing

Barbara Kieker

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

With the media attention paid to cloud computing, many business leaders worry that if they are not participating in the latest service offerings, they may be missing out.  However according to Nexxtep Technology Services Vice President of Business Development Ryan Williams, business leaders should carefully consider the overall security, reliability and feasibility of cloud computing before making any decisions.

"After working with clients to understand their business processes, we often end up recommending a hybrid solution that places only non-critical applications on remote servers," Williams said. 

Williams believes that Internet connectivity reliability is still an issue that needs careful consideration.  As a result, mission-critical line-of-business applications should be housed onsite while non-critical applications such as email servers, spam filters and customer-facing applications can be housed on remote servers – or in the cloud.

"It's not always cost effective to move applications to the cloud; it doesn't always make sense," Willams said.

Based in Valdosta, Nexxtep Technology Services is a single-source technology provider for all types and sizes of business clients.  Nexxtep has a business-first, technology-second mindset.  The firm focuses on two specific areas, reducing risk and increasing profits. 

Marketing Online

Other technology opportunities for business include maintaining an effective online presence – through a website and social media – that can generate leads and strengthen client relationships.  Williams believes that many websites are underdeveloped in terms of the value they generate.

"Your website is often the first impression a potential client has of your business.  It should be indicative of your capabilities," Williams said.

It's often as simple as have a defined plan for a website – who you intend to reach, what messages you want to communicate and what actions you would like site visitors to take.  Social media plays a complementary role, offering another channel to connect online with potential clients.

"I think of social media like a bank account. You have to make a lot of deposits – like offering white papers, apps or other items of value for free before you can make any withdrawals – like making a sale," Williams said.


According to Williams, Nexxtep has done "quite well considering the state of the economy" in 2011 and so far in 2012.  The company is expanding both in terms of products and geographical reach.

"We are planning to introduce a workflow process-optimization application early this summer.  It's a product you can hand to a manager and have them use to automate processes like new employee onboarding," Williams said.

The company is also hiring strategically to increase its geographic reach from Macon south to northern Florida.  According to Williams, Nexxtep is placing individuals in specific towns and cities to be resources for local businesses while still maintaining its central office in Valdosta.

"We work closely with our clients and try to answer the questions that a business owner might never think to ask.  Our business is about more than keeping computers up and running; it's about providing the tools needed to run an organization more efficiently," Williams said.

More information on Nexxtep Technology Services is available at or call (229) 671-1513.

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