Tips on Growing Your Small Business Quickly

Small Business News

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Many small business owners seek ways of growing their businesses quickly, but finding therightway to grow your particular business is also critical. Here are some suggestions to get you started, but take your time when implementing and see you choose the growth strategy that fits you.


Pace yourself when building your business.Pulling on the reins and tightening your focus is important when embarking on an advertising campaign. The key is not to do whatever is possible, but whatever is optimal.You’re the Boss

Build your customer base.There are lots of ways to construct a solid customer foundation, and while a lot of marketing is DIY, making the investment in a great marketing tool should not be ruled out. And whatever you do, follow through!Inc.


Hallmarks of highly developed business leaders.Never mind whether you’re a born leader or a self-created one, leadership is the steady hand and vigilant eye that keeps a well-run business on a constant course for success. Learn if there’s a leader in you.Expert Business Advice


Put zombie companies out of commission with your better business decisions.As small business owners, we are sometimes faced with tough decisions on how to deal fairly with our fellow owners. But we should never be afraid to profit from competitors’ mistakes and provide better services to our customers.American Express Open Forum


Small business saves the day!Reserve the date! Small Business Saturday, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, is fast approaching. Get more information on how you can support the small businesses in your community this holiday season.Small Business Marketing Tools


Find your audience and let the magic happen.Popularity doesn’t always translate into page rank. Organic search results are boosted by relevancy and traffic, so there’s no time like the present for learning how to optimize your content.Quantum Marketer

Increase your reach and do it on your own terms and turf.Sure social media plays a huge role in any venture, but it’s important that you, not your social network, define your own business. There’s pride with ownership, and blogs are still one of the best ways to access your audience without playing second fiddle to the social soup.BlogBrandz

Getting the best from your guest.Guest posting is all the rage—it can give you great content, help you forge your online network, build traffic and more. But unless you want to be a slave to your spell check, you might want to set up a few ground rules for getting the most from your guest posts.#FinCon12

Social Media

And the world will beat a path to your page.It doesn’t have to be a better mousetrap, but there’s a lot you can do to build a better Facebook presence. Instead of politely asking your visitors to “like” your page, make it irresistible with fun and functional apps to facilitate engagement.Smallbiz Technology

Mishaps and Misadventures in the Twitterverse.Mastering Twitter techniques for growing your business is on everyone’s to-do list (or should be), but there are some common malpractices that will eat into your social media success.BlogZone