Hospice Employees Honored as SGMC Hospital Heroes

Friday, November 19th, 2021

South Georgia Medical Center honored several employees from Hospice of South Georgia as the November Hospital Heroes at its monthly Board of Directors meeting.

This team was honored for their compassion, kindness and the care given to a patient who recently passed.

The patient's daughter explained that several of the Hospice employees including, Chaplin Jeff May, Social Worker Molly Ferrier, Registered Nurse Brandi Nunes and Registered Nurse Collette Tyson were with her and her mother during these very difficult times and helped make a hard situation more comfortable up until the patient's passing.

The daughter stated, "Thanks to these caregivers I was able to say and do all the comforting things my mother needed in her final days."

"We get cases likes these often and see patients and their family members feel hopeless at times. It is our job to ensure they know that there are people who care and are going to take good care of everyone. I'm so proud of this team and the care they give to the patients. It's not an easy job yet they do it gracefully every day," explained Executive Director of Hospice Kevin Moore.

The honorees received a standing ovation from those in attendance.

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